High Noon Books offers a selection of books for students who are reluctant or struggling readers, and those learning English as a second language.

High Noon Books can serve as a bridge between beginning readers (picture books and stories with only a few words per page) and standard text (as in a magazine, or schoolbook, or trade book). A good reading experience will hopefully encourage the student to read more books and develop a joy of reading!

Special Features of High Noon Books

• short and fast moving chapters
• controlled vocabulary
• simplified sentences
• connected text (not picture books)
• engaging stories
• type size and line spacing adjusted to reading level

High Noon Books features both phonics-based and high-frequency-word based stories:

Sound Out Phonics-Based Chapter Books

For those students who are beginning readers or who require controlled vocabulary and a structured phonetic approach to learning the English language. Engaging stories reward, encourage, and support independent learning. Books sets are divided into 6 levels of phonics progression, indicated by a color bar at the top of each book.
–each book is 5x7", 32 pages
–controlled vocabulary (lexile levels below 100)
–each book about 1000 words
–features 20-point type and generous spacing
–simple plots
–little slang, no figurative language
–sight words used are listed at end of each book
–workbooks available

High Interest Low Reading Level Chapter Books (First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade Readability)

High Interest / Low Level books look like a standard book, but are designed to contain content that appeals to a struggling readers' age and maturity level, but are written at a reading level that is lower than the student's grade level. A lower readability level provides an opportunity for the student to read words he or she is familiar with, while introducing a few new words and terms. In this way the student should read more fluently and therefore increase comprehension.

–paperback size (5x7")
–each book contains from 4000 to 6000 words
–controlled vocabulary (includes a small percentage of challenge words)
–simplified sentences
–connected text
–little use of slang, some figurative speech

Sentence length and complexity increase through the grade levels. Grade level is indicated by a star(s) on the back cover of each book:
one star ( = first grade readability)
two stars ( = second grade readability)
three stars ( = third grade readability)

High Interest Short Stories

These books are for those students who are transitioning from 'learning to read' to 'reading to learn'. They are books that anyone can enjoy regardless of reading level.
–paperback size (4.5x7")
–lexile ranges from 600 to 1100
–each book contains about 8000 words
–more complicated plots
–some slang and figurative speech

Available as eBooks or Audio-Books

High Noon Books continues to offer more titles in eBook and Audio-Book format. Click here for a list of High Noon titles in eBook and Audio Book format.





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