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Test of Memory and Learning - 2 (TOMAL-2)

Author(s): Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD / Judith K. Voress, PhD

  • Memory
  • Ages 5-0 through 59-11
  • Individual Administration
  • Norm Referenced
  • Qualification Level C

The TOMAL-2 provides a systematic evaluation of memory processes in children and adults. The TOMAL-2 includes 8 core subtests, 6 supplementary subtests, and 2 delayed recall tasks that evaluate general and specific memory functions; features composite memory scores for Verbal Memory, Nonverbal Memory, and a Composite Memory Index; has supplementary composite scores that include a Verbal Delayed Recall Index, Learning Index, Attention and Concentration Index, Sequential Memory Index, Free Recall Index, and an Associate Recall Index; includes highly interpretable and relevant scores, scaled to a familiar metric.

TOMAL-2 Subtests and Composites
The 8 core, 6 supplemental subtests, and 2 delayed recall tasks are designed to give information on specific and general aspects of memory and are used to derive the Core Indexes and the Supplementary Indexes. Subtests include:

  • Memory for Stories (MFS)
  • Facial Memory (FM)
  • Word Selective Reminding (WSR)
  • Visual Selective Reminding (VSR)
  • Object Recall (OR)
  • Abstract Visual Memory (AVM)
  • Digits Forward (DF)
  • Visual Sequential Memory (VSM)
  • Paired Recall (PR), Memory for Location (MFL)
  • Manual Imitation (MI)
  • Letters Forward (LF)
  • Digits Backward (DB)
  • Letters Backward (LB)
  • also includes2 verbal delayed recall tasks and cued recall procedures.

    Administration and Scoring
    The Core Battery takes 30 minutes; Core plus Supplementary 60 minutes. Scores are reported as scaled scores, standard scores, and percentile ranks. Reliability coefficients generally range from 0.80 to above 0.90.

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    TOMAL-2 Test Kit (Manual, Picture Book A, Picture Book B, Facial Memory Picture Book, 25 Profile/Summary Forms, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, Delayed Recall Cue Cards, Visual Selective Reminding Test Board, 15 Chips in Vinyl Envelope)


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