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Transitions to High School-Course Starter Kit

Author(s): Leslie Coull / Howard Eaton

Aimed at 6th through 9th graders, this complete program facilitates students' transition from middle school to high school through multimedia presentations that include an engaging video and a Self-Advocacy Handbook. The lessons are reinforced through the use of a Student Work Guide and My Transitions Booklet.

The DVD features interviews with six real-life students with specific learning disabilities and/or ADHD before and after their transition to high school. They openly discuss the challenges they have faced and how they have attained success through self-advocacy and positive self-efficacy beliefs. This program is being implemented by regular and special education teachers, learning assistance staff, and school counselors, to assist elementary and middle school students transition to high school. Students gain greater confidence, become effective self-advocates, and learn how to plan for their academic future.

Sections include:

  • About LD & ADHD: Includes understanding your profile, strengths, and difficulties
  • Differences between Elementary/Middle & High School: How the differences will affect you, and outlining goals and strategies
  • Transition Planning: Developing goals for high school, preparing for your IEP meeting, and learning to take control of your education
  • Being a Self-Advocate: What it means, understanding accommodations, action plans, and social skill development


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Course Kit (Self-Advocacy Handbook [5 Pack], Student Work Guide [5 Pack], My Transitions Booklet [5 Pack], 43-minute DVD with Discussion Guide)


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