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Unfocused Kids: Helping Students to Focus on Their Education and Career Plans

Author(s): Suzy Mygatt Wakefield / Howard Sage / Doris Rhea Coy / Tami Palmer, Editors

Unfocused Kids provides a hands-on resource for educators, school counselors, career specialists, classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, career and technical education directors, and others involved in helping students with their plans for after high school. This book presents a broad variety of career guidance ideas, suggestions, resources, and programs.

Contributing authors consider how to inspire hope for all students as they prepare and plan for their future in a changing workforce. The book explores examples of comprehensive career development systems and addresses how to help disengaged, unfocused kids change the underlying structure of their lives in order to rise above "the path of least resistance."

The book includes an example of how to use the ASCA National Standards as a guideline for teaching career planning skills.

The book is divided into eight sections:

  • Societal Trends and Workplace Issues
  • Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
  • Project Based Career Guidance Models
  • Innovative Approaches to Workplace Training
  • Innovative Career Development Activities/Games
  • Involving Parents in their Teen's Career Planning
  • Innovative Career Development Practices for Special Populations
  • Internet Career Delivery Systems in Career Guidance

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    526 pp., softcover


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