Educational Apps Developed for ATP / High Noon Books Users

Check out these great apps developed by our staff at Academic Therapy/High Noon Books that are aimed at helping students improve their vocabularly.

eBooks and Audio Books

Many of your classic Hi-Lo readers and High Interest Readers are available as eBooks and audio books that may be accessed on your favorite ebook readers including iPad, Nook, or Android, or desktop readers.

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One-Word Everyday Vocabulary

One-Word Everyday Vocabulary (OWEV) provides practice and progress monitoring to help your students learn useful vocabulary words! A variety of learners will benefit from the app, including young children, students for whom English is a second language, and children who have a condition that affects the way they acquire language. Some adults might also benefit, such as those who are recovering from a stroke or head injury. Each module of the assessment is based on 21 common themes including Family, Household Items, Tools, Science and Personal Care. Four pictures are presented, and a verbal prompt asks the user to look at the pictures and touch the one that matches the spoken word. There are ten target words in each module, with a total of 32 modules or 320 words in all.

The application can be used as a practice activity in which the child works more or less independently, or as a learning activity in which the images serve as prompts that are discussed by a student and an adult. Each module of the OWEV app can be completed easily in two minutes or less when used for practice. The student’s performance is measured by the percent correct.

One Word Everyday Vocabulary - ATP Apps




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