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ATP is a publisher and distributor of assessments and resources for speech, language, occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists, school psychologists, special education personnel, remedial reading teachers and others. ATP's High Noon Books division specializes in high/low reading material.

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
Mental Disorders - 5th Ed.


The DSM-5 is the new edition of the American Psychiatric Association's universal authority for the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders.
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The Common Sense Guide to
the Common Core

(Teacher-Tested Tools for Implementation)

This guide walks teachers through 40 tools for implementing the Common Core and adapting existing curricula, from gap analysis to lesson design to assessment.
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Featured Products

Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR)
(Ages 4 through 21)

The FAR is a comprehensive assessment of the multiple processes involved in reading and is aimed at identifying an examinee's specific subtype of reading impairment.
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Kindergarten Essential Skills
Assessment (KESA)

(Ages 4 to 5)

Kindergarten Essential Skills Assessment supports the early identification and intervention for children who are at-risk for kindergarten retention and Special Education referral.
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Motor-Free Visual Perception Test-4
(Ages 4 through 80+)

The MVPT-4 provides a quick, reliable, and valid measure of overall visual-perceptual ability in children and adults. The test can be used for screening and research purposes by psychologists, occupational therapists, educational specialists, optometrists, and others who may need to determine a person's overall ability to discern and understand visual stimuli.
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Child and Adolescent
Memory Profile (ChAMP)

(Ages 5 through 21)

The ChAMP is a test of memory that can be used as either a screener or an in-depth evaluation of visual and verbal memory.
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Adaptive Behavior
Assessment System - 3

(Ages Birth to 89 )

The ABAS-3 is a rating scale useful for assessing skills of daily living in individuals with developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, neuropsychological disorders, and sensory or physical impairments.
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